Minggu, 13 September 2009

Sometimes When You Think You Lost Everything That You've Got is Good, Because You Could Totally Start Something New

do you ever think I'm a careless and judging person? well you must try to have some conversation with me.
you might be meet the most close minded girl you'll ever met, just kidding, haha.
I like to see the world from peoples eyes, it's the best way to understand how they think. you just need to watch and listen and that's how you will understand. no need judge or siding, there is no wrong or right thing, there is just different point of view.
I never understand why people really like to talk lies or fake. I hate it so much. I really did. why you are lying when in the end you will telling the truth? because lying doesn't make you happy. lies makes you guilty. the risk of telling the truth is few the risk of telling lies is uncountable. so there sometimes I really mad when people lies or hiding something from me. I could accept the truth well, why they supposed to tell lie? it's really doesn't necessary. I spend my life avoiding lying, there is thousand pleasant way to tell some truth.
some art pictures by Andy Warhol, he such an artist, I'm in love with them,
finni xoxo

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