Minggu, 13 September 2009

Love is What I Have, Love is What I Rode

there is some people born lucky some other born to work hard. i guess i'm the second. hehe I wasn't born rich, so I should work to get everything that I want, every pair of shoes or clothes or bag. just never blaming situation to not to do something. we've got our brain and our hand, it's enough. it's value couldn't be trade by money. what if someone over you a million dollar to cut your hand? I guess you resist. we could find money, but we could not pay to have a soul. I can see you've got my point.
humm right now I'm addicted to Panic! at the Disco single from Jennifer Body's soundtrack : New Prespective, can't hear it enough. I love new perspection in the fact. I love something new, situation, mind, attitudes. doesn't we life to improving? I don't think settled in the same condition for a long term is a good thing. here if you wanna check the song and here for download.can you see alice in wonderland idea in their art album? obviously I love it.
for me their lyrics full of moral message, and I have a huge interest of moral message and live quotes, haha. I do believe it.

improve to be better
-finni xoxo-

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