Minggu, 13 September 2009

Let Just Say We We're Met When I Was Young

the starshill, for me it's such a beautiful place, you understand when you are believe of dream, reach the peak and finally found a lights was always worth.
what's the meaning of love? I just know that I'll be glad to sing this song to the one I love. haha JT, it doesn't happen so many times to me, I'm not easy to fall in love, I just got the idea that it should be sincere and faithful.
just be careful sometimes love can turn firm into confused, smart into dumb. a weakness of woman is love, a weakness of a man is a woman.
well I don't need any reason just to fallin in love with you, teddy bear.
love doesn't need any reason I guess,

I'm listening to owl city right now, what's on your playlist?

finni xoxo

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