Rabu, 19 Agustus 2009

The Spirit Fill Me Up Again In The Ceiling

the easier way to get over problem or mistake is to pretend like nothing happen, when deep down in your heart you know that it's wrong.
do you think it's the right thing? i can hear your heart says no.

i like to think about problems, i like to think about it too much, so i could find positive side that i could use to be better. sometimes i miss problem when my life goes normal. is not normal things which could make u strong, problem did.

i have this believe that: God sent us any people, any moment, any situation with a secret message. only smart people who could see it. and i always curious when something happen to me, i always questioning myself: "what likely God means sent me this thing?". don't get me wrong, whatever reason it is i believe it must be something good. so i could think about it and help me upgrade myself.

do you ever hear about this: ur life qualities depends on the way you think.
your mind is magic.
enough enough enough, anyway....... look at this coffee, cute huh? very peaceful.

anyway do i have told you i've been sick for 3 days? can't do nothing except lying in my bed and eating pills? haha..
it worst! i've never been sick.

you know what? maybe it's because i have spirit and mind which always work. do you know why people die? because they lost their spirit, and their mind doesn't work anymore.

but yesterday, i feel lost my spirit and blam, i get sick. something happen to me that makes me feels like give-up. never give-up! once u did it, u die. if u want quit, quit. but don't give-up.
but it's not me if i don't think about it and craving for positive side to be better, haha...
then i found this:
it's not the pills that makes u heal, it's the spirit that makes u take the pills.
life without spirit is same as dead ladies and gentleman

* quit: is finaly realize that it's not what u really want, then leave.
give-up: u know what u want but u don't have any gut to fight for it.
there is very big different (jangan membohongi dirimu sendiri tentang ini)

au revoir
-finni xoxo-

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