Rabu, 19 Agustus 2009

Once Again You Cure Me Hunny

I met you my vaccine you hurt me but you imune me once againI have lot of faith, spirit, trust, but some way I found the world rougher than i tought.
it found it ways to hit my faith.
but life without faith? what was that means? nothing.
suspicious life wasn't pleasant at all. pretend, lies, fake was so tiring.
we've got our own way to life, we've got our own choice to choose.
I choose truth, I hate pretend. if there is something i should pay for it.. then so be it.

I am actually hassled to my self. i always think, bagaimana menghadapi dunia dengan cara yg paling benar. and I become someone I don't know. someone not me. and that was the bigest mistake anyone. untuk menghadapi dunia dengan cara yg paling benar adalah dengan menjadi dirimu sendiri. trust me.
but it doensn't mean u could be totally jerk. your heart will tell what's the appropriate and
not-appropriate to do. here I am saying sorry to everyone for mistakes that I have made. sorry for the bad words. sorry for the bad act. but anyway that's part of my path to becoming who i am right now. please use it wiseful for your life, I'll be very thankful for that.
humm.. I am so much in love with the 70's right now, it was more classy, back to that times there are more art, today everything just filled up with fancy purses, to much bling-bling. I want a photos like this...not to mention the ballet... haha
so what things get your interest into?
finni xoxo

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