Kamis, 13 Agustus 2009

Me, Boozzes, and the Hiding Sun..Let's Jump the Hedge

I believe that I met anyone in my life for a reason, and whatever it is, it must be something good.
hari ini membantu ibu-ibu pkk di dukuh dadapan. membantu di puskesmas dan pengobatan lansia. dan aku malah yg diperiksa. haha. i always feeling not health enough and i have to know why.
i get exhausted so fast, and i need to take a sleep to stabilize my body.
then it founds my blood is under 90/60. so here i am taking 4 pills before i sleep.
it last 2 weeks me in my KKN. i'm thinking about what i'm gonna do next. yes i have a plan, a lot of plans. so let just finggercrossed hope everything done well.
any big plans for your future? well i have a lot.my dream is as a candy, anyone want anyone loves, anyone happy..

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