Rabu, 29 Juli 2009

Easy Cocky Sketchy...Vanilla Punch

those crazy system of ignorance trying to steal my mind, NO WAY! you are talking with Sandya Finnia right now!

here I am facing my dreams. dan sekarang gw
dihadapkan dengan segala kewajiban dan sistem2 kebodohan yg ada di dalamnya. everything wasn't my way. i hate the ways not my ways which only cames from stupid close minded oppinion. i am not there. NOT! there is nothing nobody i would let to distracting my faith. kalo aku bukan berada di tempat yg bisa menghargai pikiran maju. sini biar aku yg pergi. sini biar aku yg mengalami susahnya hidup, susahnya buat berhasil. kalian habiskan hidup kalian stuck di tempat yg sama. if u all want to be stupid for the rest of ur life. just be it. i don't, i leave to my own place, i'll build my own castle, i'll earn my own money. If you like leaving in hell, i'll choose to build a heaven.

lempari aja gw pake batu, gw pake buat ngebangun istana. lempari gw lebih banyak. I'll make a bigger one.
no floods, by Lady Gaga, is kind of my life soundtracks. click here to download and here for lyric.
the bow hair is amazing. I always admire her for the crazyness that she keep on doing, do not carry about peoples opinion. that is what live should be. wisdom. no one have a right to judge you or push you to do something you don't want.
-finni xoxoxox-

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