Sabtu, 20 Juni 2009

Call Me Evil, When I'm Trying to Smile and Not to Cry... Call Me Devil When I'm Speak With a Good Intention..

Look at this cute, i couldn't wake up with them,haha

Owh time is running so fast, a lot of things in my mind right now, and lot of works to do, busy....busy... today, i was laying on my bed full day, i am exhausted, i need calcium, and multivitamins, everything is ask me to think and i was so full with it. it's a day off for me, i would take advantage of it as full day rest, when you've got so many things in your mind, try to sleep it off. it would relax you.

don't get me wrong i do falling in love with you..
i do see sincerity..
i do feels something missing..
and for some unexplain reason i keep listening sad songs,
and it's makes me weak seing someone gets hurt..i do cry..

but i ignore it, i do not catch you,
all i want is to make you stronger..
i'm not talking candy, or sweet poem,
i talk reality..

asking my attention, i would not give i'm sorry,
go get it if you want it!
go get me if you love me, you quit before you really battle,
but i'm not promising anything indeed,

this is for your own good.
someday you will understand..
that all i'm talking about i'm started with a good intention,

light cerries!
-finni xxoo-

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