Kamis, 18 Juni 2009

Call it Mean, While I'm Trying to be Realistic..

I never asked you to leave, you pull yourself away, i have told you i have something big to go on, i dont count any quiter, do you ever "really" fight? i have decide mine, i guess you have decide yours, well i respect it.. i guess it's okey to have a little bit temper to stand for my own belief i would never sacrifice.

Well that was little i write for someone who says loving me but quit when i was ignoring him for my dream,
I have personal reason to fight for my own belief(my dream), and i would not sacrifice it in the name of what they called "love".
I disagree to argument: when we love someone we should sacrifice what we have. because if we sacrifice ourself so what value that we still have?
anyways when you sacrifice yourself or anything you have faith on, it's not a guarantee that someone you love would stand for you forever. this thing i ever learn from my another previous relationship. there is no point of "sacrificing".
people should change the word "sacrifice" with "understand".
Some ideal relationship in my thought is something that build you to be a better person and allow you to be yourself and did not distract you for getting your dreams. well i could tell you that possession is killing.

love is should be powerful

love is not supposed to be desperate

love is spirit

love is not possession

love is light

-finni xxoo-

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