Senin, 03 Mei 2010

I can smell the rain before it drops, but I can't watch it fall
I can feel the sun on my face, but I can't see it rise or set
I want to see the world like everyone else
to see the rain, the sun
and music..
Oh I bet music looks beautiful ..

finni xoxo

2 komentar:

  1. don't know,but everytime i came visit ur site always makes me smile and positive,realy enjoying ur posting,i do,,great writing and pict combinations,love it:)

    note:i wish this blogspot could accomodate for some more emoticon to show how i feel after reading ur post,lol:p

  2. Oh emmm geeeee I'm so glad somebody love my post!! :D :D honestly..... tengkyuuu very much friend <3 <3 owkaaaay I will do better and fix one two threee four things....I will! :)))) enjoy your seat yaaa tengkyuuuuu xoxox