Minggu, 04 Oktober 2009

This day somebody came up to me and talk about how awful the life when apparently there are no act they do with it. I'm sad to hear it. so I guess this post is about perception, people, me. I just kind of disappointed that more people give up their dream, and accepting situation, when they can get better if at least they try. but maybe not everybody wants to get better. sorry for the temper but all I'm trying to say is that life is not pretty unless you try to make it pretty. If we can't survived the lion, we cannot survived the jungle.

I never understand when people is cynically judging, it's not your fault just being who you are. like maybe when they call you loser or when they call me cocky. God give me this face. when you talk to me did I ever try to
bite you? well it's explain a lot. I like to hear any kind of story people tell, and say advice from my not so many experience, once it's needed. but not story who pooring theirself! I'm sad to hearing them who never learn! or blame situation instead of trying. If you wanna get something don't complain, make some effort! If you make a mistake, conscious and learn! If somebody hurt you, be stronger! we are stunning with this people opinion. afraid to do something because of unsignifican temporary judgement. If you know you doing a right thing, then why so afraid of what they say. It's your once life, it's completely your right how you gonna live it.the funny is I always want to help people being better, or try to understand people, or learn from others, but them who doesn't even ever talk with me tell that I am mean. oke, just because I make this photo with this bow now call me unmature, and because I fight for my dream alone, when everybody busy doing their job they even don't want and being with somebody they even don't love, now call me cocky. people who doing bad acts is just them who are insecure of themselves. example: If I said negativity about you it means I have problem with myself, same if you say negativity about me or someone else, or even just think negative. and as at now I'm gonna fight my blood for my own believe and my destiny. It's completely your right to laugh if I'm screw. but if I'm succeed then what you gonna do? If someday you gonna write some book, then what are you doing now with that ball? take a pen. or take the ball and be a basketball player. we learn from our mistakes. and that always so will be, never afraid to do some mistakes. world is not even end whether you have smashed your jaguar.never wait for perfection. perfection doesn't exist. do it now and fix it as it goes.
finni xoxo

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