Jumat, 23 Oktober 2009

Here I am, Open Sand, Walking Eyes

Hi it's been a long time I don't writing a blog, I guess, I've been very busy 24/7 I don't have a day rest. but I'm so glad. I'm 21 now and it was the best birthday I ever had. not because of any celebration, it's the time when I see world with total different perspective. logic. it's the key. I feel really weird when I try to configure the teenager me, I mean I don't get it anymore. she's like stranger to me. so we are all good. when you lookin at yourself a year before and you don't find any difference, it means there is a problem. many people afraid of being who they really are in case of any risk they might afraid of. thanx God I have passed off that level. If anything offer you easy option to become somebody else, say no thankyou and walk your head up. what the hell any risk couldn't affect anything. you have your own identity, when everyone doing something the same get on your own opinion, never do something just because somebody else said it cool, or just because your friend do it so. please.

This month full of the birthday torture ritual me and my workmates
1. we catch the birthday person
2. tight bp and throw rubbish, egg, oil, and other disgusting stuff
3. photo session
4. the bp escape and chasing you
5. even any of your belonging you hide it somewhere to put the dirt revenge
6. haha it was funif there is situation messing your mind get rid of it. if it's people delete their number.

anyway have you ever read magazine and find a girl which saying stop global warming, when seems like they doesn't even know what it means. It doesn't gonna make you look cool darling, unless it coming from your heart. shut up and just get rid the plastic bag. thankyou.
have a nice weekend!
finni xoxo

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  1. hello there:)

    just stopping by and having fun with ur posting here, it was nice,mate,, really, love it!

    so, happy birthday to you,sis, wish u having all the best time in the world, with all new perspective for sure,hehehe:p

    i'll see u around then, take care