Selasa, 14 Juli 2009

My Faith Bring Me to The Starshill

I realize aku punya pikiran yg beda sama orang lain.
there is nobody ever captured me correctly. not my friend, a boyfriend, or even my parent.
perfectly NOBODY.

sometimes it makes me feels odd. sometimes i do not show it because i'm afraid that there is no one could accept it. but not this time. right now i'm verry proud of being odd. if you always same with all the peoples around, what makes people need you for?my mind is the one bring me who i am right now, i always being better than i am before. so i know, that whatever i think it must be something good. I like to share to you. I don't care anyway if there is nobody care about it. but at least i have something i write about.
and in case you need it you could find my notes. and help you out of your problem.
when there is nobody could think as you do. it means you are unique.
so you must be blessed. u just need to find out for what a good aim you could use your gift.
aku percaya siapapun yg punya ide bikin pesawat terbang pasti dianggap gila pada jamannya.

begitu juga dengan penemu lampu, begitu juga dengan naskah Harry Potter yang ditolak sampai akhirnya mendunia. I'm a fans of J.K Rowling anyway and I'm a fans of whoever who have a big thought who work hard to finally accomplish what they want. even though everybody say it impossible.I don't care if you don't care.
I am here to do what my insticts told me.
I do what I really love.
when u've finally realize what you wanna do in life.
you should do it!
life just for once...if it's not to do the thing you really love.
show what purpose your life is for?

-finni ex ow ex ow-

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