Senin, 21 Juni 2010

The Fresh Air and The Birds Who's Sing :)

did I have mention that I part-timing in a distribution outlet? I am. in Yogyakarta which mostly the people is a student. ditribution outlet is a choice for student to get some extra money with a fun job. meet a lot of fun people heree, very youth spirit, and also paid of course so fun :) but I'm no longer have sadly, I have to make final paper so you know focus and busy busy busy, there is a price to pay for freedom..haha kinda, anywayyy
let's meet my friends -sisters-workmates, Mba Shinta & Mba Vinna rapampampampammmm...
Mba Vinna is my SPV also a mother of two child, so we can ask her for something :)Mba Shinta is my pretty team works! so fun to hang out
and this is cafe, near my work.. very near so we can just step, and there you go. I love the delecious vannila milkshake and also the hot chocolate, and also the iga bakar... wuff you make me hungryy

finni xoxo

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