Rabu, 24 Februari 2010

Welcome to the Industry

Soory for lack of updating, I'm finally back. yay,
many things happend that make me down, I'm human like you, we are all laugh and we are all cry like wheels,
now I'm back and here we go
yup what to talk?? haha just kidding,
well I'm grow, we are all grow, are you happy? what kind of live do you have? what kind a live do you want? have you choose? are you sure?

for the past two years,
I live in this I called tiny hollywood :P neighborhood of creativity and arts, of spirit of youth, but also neighborhood, which simply, judge you depends of how good your look, what brand of your shoes, how good is your band, how many friends did you make, oh God aren't you people sick of those things? things which wasn't means anything. there is nothing more important in this world than loving what you do and doing anything only because you love it. most people out there still doing anything only to gain what people's credit, and doing nothing because afraid of people credit.

but beside that in the happy notes, in this little hollywood, I find family, friends, love, passion, goals, everything that really matter,
no mather where are you with how kind of place, people, do what you love and love what you do.
how people see woman? her beauty face? I love woman who have a beauty mind. what about you?see you to the next post!
finni xoxo :D

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